Punishment Protocol Nine Alpha

by Inspector Moon

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Recorded in early 2017 in two short sessions fueled by double Wawa.

Thanks for listening.


released August 4, 2017

inspector moon: alex sandro nick

recorded by: mike bardzik @ noisy little critter in early 2017
mastered by: alex nagle in mid 2017




Inspector Moon Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Inspector Moon plays short, fast hardcore punk songs with chipped goth nail polish, just enough sass, no time for inane mic banter, and a set length of 17 minutes or less.

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Track Name: Sick Adjacent
“We're on a mission of love, I proclaim it!”
He's testing the whole train
But no one makes it rain

I think you’d like me more
If I dignified the poor

He's walking up and down the El
Inviting us to his daily hell
And he’s got pain to sell

This whole year had me on edge
I’m off at Huntington but he’s still on a ledge.
Track Name: Good Bomb #21
What’s good for myself
My face concealed
I can’t deal

My projection
Disguises loss
I need control

Fuck it. Come the fuck on.

Some mother fuckers try to front
But they know what they want

plastic injections
tires and fries
margarine, oil,
the culture thrives

The costs we cover
The costs we cover
… Never settle up

The costs we cover
Track Name: Foment Vomit
Suicide. Another workplace suicide.
Lament a passing life fifteen minutes to five.
Annoyed by parasites and fakers and vapers.

I am a nice guy in the nice economy
Bought and sold like rice by pimps of empathy

Can't talk to each other. Same lunch five days a week. Get on the fucking phone and sell humanity.

Punch in. Punch out.
Track Name: Nothing Is Missing
If I find a shirt
I will find a way
To dress

Now it's washed

Now it's all good

It's so condescending
The self pre-rendered
Have Amber mend it

A custom so dated
The colors so faded
Dress incarcerated

Hot water cold rinse
Hot water cold rinse
Track Name: Fangled
I had a dream so wrong it hurt. I was a priest in my childhood church.
Stepped​ out to the congregation’s teary, muted patience.
It could have been a wedding or a funeral oration.

Each lasts for hours. Fuck all your flowers.

Shined up and refined
Make it look like I bought/got time.
Track Name: Demivoid
Two pits in a yard
in Chester.
Ravenous, maddened.

Their owner's inside doubled up
Fending off a heroin overdose

Baby's crying in the hall
A filthy mess
Mom's around

She's trying to eBay the plates
Tombstones of flat borosilicate

Pine fresh in the window
Disguises the rot
The modern domestic

Do the whispers speak?
When you wake up still breathing?
When you wake up wheezing?

Are you still breathing?
Track Name: Signage
In my car and looking
When I moved your chair
And it was snowing so hard
I saw you naked in the door

It's time to close your curtains
You animal
And it's a public road
I promise I won't touch your fucking cone

And I’m home

You’re next in line.
Just drive on by.
Track Name: This Is Better
Trapped inside the postcard of hate's regards
I used to write lyrics but this is better

Sucking out your venomous bite of lies
I used to make sense but this is better.

Awake against this confusing lack of rest
I used to try and sleep but this is better
I used to have a clue but this is better
I used to pay attention but this is better
I used to fuck you but this is better
Track Name: Telepathic Foetus
Do you
see the fetus
She's right outside.

Should I let her in?
She byo’d, I think. It’s fine.
Here we go:

Pink hands, pink nose, pink eyes.
She speaks in our minds.
Pink hands, pink nose, pink eyes.
I swear I’m not high.
Track Name: Mortalism
The words we use are the key to meaning.
What we see, facts, truth.
It’s natural to lie.

We don’t connect anymore. I think you’d agree.
Language is getting old, I think I agree.

To ditch words and find a replacement,
We need to agree on the real. What‘s real?

It’s what people say.

Connected sensory input, shared epistemic belief.
Distressed, electric.
Track Name: Punishment Protocol
(Judgy gyno wants his propers
But I came up with another offer
Pull my pants down at the doctor’s
He puts a mask on for the chopper)

No, not taking your babycillin
No, not taking your policy of pain
No, not spending a lifetime waiting
No, no shooting off in me unless I have b.c.

But now I got the clips.

In my house, in my mouth,
I’m waiting for you.

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